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About us

[Brand Story]

The company ROUNDWELL was started in 1994 as professional diving equipment manufacturer in Taiwan, serving OEM & ODM customers globally.

In 1999, the brand PROBLUE was established and introduced to the world. In these years we focused on the diving industry, today we have over 32 distributors and our distribution network is worldwide.

We are based in Taichung City, Taiwan in a building with more than 1500 m² and an in-house ANSTI Life Support Equipment Test Facility.

PROBLUE is recognized as top producer of scuba diving and water sports equipment, only deliver the top quality products. We sincerely invite you to join our distribution network now.


Profession, Passion, Innovation, Reliability, Service and Quality are always our faith. PROBLUE provides diving Equipment to worldwide divers devote full efforts create beautiful & safety diving Experience. Remind divers how important Environmentally friendly by Education. We started in Taiwan and stepped to the world. Come to Experience together with PROBLUE!